Blood Haven Herald
Black Friday, 2015
Lovers Betray each other's Trust!

Lord Domino stands to lose his position as Blood Regent to Arch Nestis!!!!

Scandalous happenings in the Blood Myst upper echelons! Spurious and unfounded accusations are flying. Heated words and dark thoughts fill the mouths and hearts of the Progeny's BEST couple.

Lady Kat has been accused by her husband Lord Domino of maliciously and intentionally revealing Societas Draconistrarum state secrets to a friend, confidant, and fellow scribe. What could be her motivation? What could she possibly gain from such a heinous act? No one knows, except perhaps Lord Domino who can seemingly see into the future and knows his wife's motivations even before she does!

If only he could use that power to see how his unjustified and angry accusations have made, Kat feel. The pain of knowing that she falls below his position of Blood Regent on his list of priorities. His love and loyalty to his Arch greater than his love for his wife in this world and the next.

Click here to read the log of the incriminating conversation between Kat and Leo where she clearly and concisely spells out in no uncertain terms, Arch Nestis's secrets for the sole and incomprehensible purpose of discrediting Domino and causing him to lose Nestis's trust as well as his Blood Regent position.

Can this strife be healed between these estranged lovers? DID Katerina knowingly take state secrets to betray her one true love Domino? Once they were two hearts bound together forever. Are they destined to be bound together forever with distrust and harsh words their boon companions?

Only Domino knows.