Setting Vampire Society or Organizations
30 Days of Night (2002) ?
Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter ?
Adventure Time Marceline is "The Vampire Queen" as she was in the grand meeting of Ooo royalty
AdventureQuest Yes
American Vampire They usually follow a vampire leader
Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter American Vampire Council and European Vampire Council
Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles They are mostly anarchic, but eventually the First Brood act as kings and queens
Anno Dracula series Divided in bloodlines
Batman & Dracula They follow some kind of master, either vampire or human
Being Human (BBC) Under the ruling of the Old Ones
Being Human (Syfy) Under the ruling of the Mother and The Dutch
Black Blood Brothers Divided into Vampires and Kowloon Children cultures
Blade Vampire society is broken up into houses and the combination of this houses form the Vampire Nation
Blindsight (2007) ?
Blood Alone Ruled by vampire elders
Blood Moon[disambiguation needed] Territorial Covens
Blood Omen/Legacy of Kain At first they follow a vampire council and later a vampire king
Blood: The Last Vampire ?
Blood+ ?
BloodRayne series Ruled by some superior vampire
Bram Stoker's Dracula Dracula and Brides. Also, gypsies are loyal to the count
Buffy Usually live in packs
Carmilla ?
Castlevania series Ruled by Dracula
Charmed Ruled by queens
Chibi Vampire/Karin Clans/Families control various territories with treaties and all-clan-meetings once a year
Count Chocula ?
Count Duckula ?
Dance in the Vampire Bund Monarchy
Dark Shadows Yes
Darkstalkers He is the king of all his servants
David Wellington They follow a vampire elder
Daybreakers ?
DC Comics Ruled by a vampire king or queen
Den of Shadows Divided in five linajes
Discworld Several organizations, most prominently the Vampire League of Temperance
Doctor Who ?
Dresden Files Formal vampire courts: White, Red, Black, and Jade.
Dungeons & Dragons ?
Forever Knight ?
Fright Night Jerry Dandrige controlled all the vampires he created
From Dusk till Dawn ?
Frostbiten The vampire horde made up of Sebastian, John and the other teens. Annika and Maria.
Gantz They are members of some criminal organization
Goosebumps (Welcome To Dead House) Like a club with a Watcher
Hellsing They serves different organizations, like the Hellsing Organization
Hollows (series) Organized in camarillas with a vampire master at the top
Hotel Transylvania Dracula and his family; his castle is also a haven for other supernatural creatures
House of Night Matriarchal
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Not anymore, since Saitohimea is the last surviving vampire
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ?
Kate Daniels novels No intrinsic society, but the necromancers who control them, the People, are highly organized
Let the Right One In ?
Marvel Comics Divided on Vampire Sects
Monster High ?
Moon Child ?
Moonlight ?
My Babysitter's a Vampire The Vampire Council
Necroscope Divided on two different "factions", with lords and ladies on top
Night Watch ?
Night World Patriarchal
Nosferatu Count Orlok only, but in the remake, Harker becomes a vampire after Van Helsing kills Dracula (Orlok)
Penny Dreadful Packs
Preacher ?
Rosario + Vampire Families are headed by a First Ancestor
Saga of the Noble Dead Covens
Sanctuary Monarchy
Sesame Street ?
Shadowrun ?
Shadowspawn Yes
Split Organized by a Vampire Council, a council of vampires with the authority to judge and define laws, which has to obey the Blood Chosen's rules
Stargate Hive society
Stephen King Types one usually control the other types
Supernatural Organized into nests
The Elder Scrolls Divided in various clans and factions
The Historian Dracula control all of them
The Hunger ?
The Librarian Dracula wants to control all of them
The Little Vampire ?
The Lost Boys Gang run by sire
The Parasol Protectorate Most vampires are in hives, led by a single queen, the only female
The Saga of Darren Shan Divided into Vampire and Vampanese races/cultures
The Shadowhunter Chronicles (The Mortal Instruments) Loosely organized geographically into covens.
The Strain Each strain follows the Ancient that created it
The Vampire Diaries ?
Touhou ?
Trinity Blood The Methuselahs have their capital in Byzantium.  They have gained a high position of power, as Commanders during the Human-Methuselah war and as leaders after the war
True Blood They have a hierarchy with The Authority at the top, magisters in the middle, kings and queens in third place and sheriffs at the bottom
Tsukihime The Twenty Seven Ancestors of the Dead Apostles act as a form of ruling body
Twilight The Volturis create and enforce all their laws
Ultraviolet (TV serial) ?
Underworld Ruled by Vampire Elders and a Council
Vampire Academy Monarchy
Vampire Hunter D Highly advanced society, now in steady decline
Vampire Knight A Senate was established to govern them
Vampirella ?
Vampireology ?
Vamps Covens
Van Helsing Dracula, Dracula's brides, other vampires, Dr. Frankenstein, Igor, Velkan Valerious (as a werewolf)
We Are The Night Louise coven. Possible others around the world
Wizards of Waverly Place ?
World of Darkness Divided into clans and sectsdepending on setting
Young Dracula All Vampires are subjects of the 'Grand High Vampire' and Vampire Council
  They follow Nomak
  They live in covens